Mark Schneider Education


Make your "Forever Moment"

uniquely personal with a ring

 that’s as special as your love.

World renowned, award winning designer Mark Schneider provides the gorgeous, timeless setting and finds you a trusted local retail partner to select a dazzling diamond, picked especially to your specifications, to represent your lasting love.

 Everlasting Art Form - The Birth of a Mark Schneider Engagement Ring


Take a look at how a work of art by award winning jewelry designer Mark Schneider is born. Watch as an engagement ring goes from idea, to paper, to handcrafted finished piece of beautiful design. Each curve, each line, is thoughtfully constructed to create a masterpiece in jewelry.

 Fine Color Gemstone Jewelry by Designer Mark Schneider

Color gemstone jewelry and bridal engagement rings by award winning American designer Mark Schneider. Mark has won countless awards and his stunning pieces can be seen in museum collections worldwide, including the Smithsonian.  Explore the world of award winning color gemstone jewelry designed by Mark Schneider. Take a look at Mark's award winning piece on display at the Smithsonian Institution.


 The Inspiration Behind the Jewelry

Take an inside look at what inspires jewelry designer Mark Schneider. akFrom his engagement rings to his award winning gemstone jewelry, you will see how architecture, furniture, and nature takes form in all Mark's jewelry designs.

Award winning jewelry designer Mark Schneider shares his inspirations behind his unique engagement ring and fine jewelry designs.

 The Mark Schneider Engagement Rings Collection

 Learn about how every Mark Schneider engagement is designed with its own custom matching wedding ring and is handmade in our Long Beach, California, studios. Rings are customized to every bride's specifications, from the center diamond right down to the finger size. Bridal engagement ring collection by award winning American designer Mark Schneider, discusses the artistry behind his bridal jewelry. Mark's unique engagement ring designs feature a "Secret Heart" with a special message just for the bride. 


 Unique Engagement Rings by Designer Mark Schneider


 Contemporary jewelry featuring unique engagement rings, men's wedding bands, and color gemstone jewelry. Award winning jewelry designer Mark Schneider has been honored more than 60 times for his jewelry designs. His jewelry is internationally known for its simplicity and clean, fluid lines. It may be seen in museum collections worldwide. Our philosophy for jewelry is to create designs as wearable art. View a selection of some of the most inspiring designs in our unique and beautiful engagement 


Experience the Eternal Path Collection

Each peice is designed to capture a simple concept that we at J. Thomas Jeweler's hold near and dear to our hearts.                "Life takes us in many directions....... but we always find our way home!! Handcrafted by J. Thomas Jewelers in Gold or Silver with or without diamonds & the gemstones of your choice.